Howarth XL Conservatoire (French) System Cor Anglais

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Skladem - Doba dodání 5-7 pracovních dnů nebo déle dle náročnosti objednávky.

The global success achieved by the XL Oboe inspired us to develop a complete range, including the English Horn, and most recently the Oboe d'Amore. As well as our unique tone hole structure design giving a more focussed sound, and unparalleled intonation and projection, we have also developed the keywork for improved comfort, particularly to the right-hand keys, giving the player greater dexterity. Our new range of XL bocals complement these instruments perfectly.


The density of the Blackwood body gives a dark and powerful sound, enhancing the projection.


Technical Specification:


  • Body in African Blackwood, also known as Grenadilla (dalbergia melanoxylon)
  • Full Conservatoire System
  • Semi-Automatic Octaves
  • 3rd Octave Key
  • C-D Trill Key (x 2)
  • C-C# Trill Key
  • Forked F vent
  • Ab-Bb, Ab-A trills
  • "Banana Key" - low C-C# trill
  • Eb-E trill mechanism
  • Articulated C# mechanism
  • Metal-lined tenon sockets and sleeved tenons
  • Undercut tone holes
  • All necessary adjusting screws
  • Adjustable thumbrest
  • Separate low B extension