Howarth Mini-Bassoon PLUS+

85 000 Kč


Kód produktu

Skladem - Doba dodání 5-7 pracovních dnů nebo déle dle náročnosti objednávky.

Refined bore design, including down-bore and finger holes lined with ebonite. Sounding a 5th higher than full-size bassoon.

Latest model includes additional keywork: automatic F-F# link on butt, rollers on F-G#, whisper touch (full whisper mechanism available as option).

Weight of standard student bassoon (Howarth Academy): 3.2kg

Weight of Howarth Mini-Bassoon: 1.05Kg


Click here for an article about how successful they can be with younger students. (Opens in a new window or tab in your main browser, not this popup window!)

And here's a video of the instruments in action! (For the full effect you will need to listen through to the end, there are two halves to the video, sort of 'before-and-after'.)