Howarth Academy Student Short Reach Model Bassoon

141 000 Kč


Kód produktu

Skladem - Doba dodání 5-7 pracovních dnů nebo déle dle náročnosti objednávky.

Made in Germany, this instrument is the same basic instrument as our standard Academy student model, but with adapted key mechanism to suit players with smaller hands. Basic key system with high D and Covered C. Based on the design of professional models by the same maker, it has a full-textured and rich sound.

Features include:

  • wing thumb key touches extended to reduce the reach for the left thumb
  • key touches for Eb & C# on long joint repositioned for greater comfort
  • no Bb for R/H 3rd Finger, to reduce the spread of R/Hand fingers
  • 4 rollers
  • lined finger holes
  • the bore is lined in the wing joint and both sides of the boot joint for extra protection
  • 1 crook - length 1 or 2

Weight of standard student bassoon (Howarth Academy): 3.2kg

Weight of Academy Short reach bassoon: 2.8Kg